How Does A Mortgage Pre-Approval Impact Your Credit Rating?

The folks over at have written quite an extensive article on the impact of getting a mortgage pre-approval on your credit rating. The short answer is, they have an impact, but it’s quite small. For more details, the article is well worth the read, as they go into the difference between hard inquiries and soft inquiries, the impact and what constitutes each, and they go on to provide links to different credit scoring models that lenders use, as well as the standard “how to check my credit”.

How Often Should You Make Your Mortgage Payment?

If you’ve done any research into home ownership, then you’ve undoubtedly run across the various ways that making your payment differently can impact your lifetime cost (in terms of interest), and how long it takes to pay down your mortgage. Typical schemes include making one extra payment per year, or dividing your payment in half and paying the same amount each month, but in two installments. Fox News explores the impact of taking it one step farther, and making weekly payments.

Fed Uncertainty Doesn’t Matter

Rumors have been flying fast-and-furious the last few months about when the Fed is finally going to raise interest rates. With the recent turmoil in global stock markets and China in particular, the future of Fed decisions is even more uncertain. But according to a Reuters poll, it probably doesn’t matter. The housing market is doing so well, that a Fed rate hike is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm. The consensus is that home prices will rise 5% this year, and that should be sufficient to keep the market buoyant.